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Consejos para comprar en el Hot Sale como un experto

The HOTSALE is the largest online sale in the country, this year it will be its sixth edition and there are 5 days in which you can buy online what you want for incredibly cheap prices or unique discounts. You can pay with credit, debit or Paypal cards, so prepare your cards for purchases. We give you 5 recommendations so that you are ready before, during and after the HOTSALE:

  • Plan your purchases: This will help you make the most of the offers on the items you already have in mind and perhaps not make as many compulsive purchases.
  • Compare prices: do not go with the first offer you see as you may find on another page the product you want with the best price.
  • Choose the most suitable payment method for you: the idea is that you can make your purchase without worrying that you have already borrowed or do not have enough funds.
  • Check that the page is official or trustworthy: it is better to investigate sooner than later to have to regret it. Remember that for greater security and data protection, the page should start with https: //
  • Find out about delivery times: remember to check the shipping guarantee of your purchase, know where you can track your order and check what time it arrives (some stores take longer than others).

Remember to be aware and ready to spend responsibly. If you want to take advantage of the HOTSALE offers, request a loan with lendOn, by clicking on the following button:

No te pierdas las promociones que lendOn tendrá al ser participante oficial del HOTSALE 2019.